Early Detection and Intervention Center for Schizophrenia (EDICS)

Early Detection and Intervention Center for Schizophrenia will be established during 2013. Our aim is to promote early detection of patients with schizophrenia, to offer appropriate clinical care for those in the early phase of illness, which is called the "critical period," and to assist clinical and basic research to improve our understanding of diagnosis and intervention. We provide appropriate care based on detailed examinations, implementing "shared decision making" and multidisciplinary approaches at our specialty outpatient clinic. The center also manages a registration system for patients in the critical period, which supports good relationship between the registered patients and the center staff, even if patients receive regular outpatient treatment at different hospitals. Our center supports various bidirectional relations, such as patients - center staff, local psychiatric service - center staff, and researchers - center staff, to improve better outcome of patients with schizophrenia.


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