1st Department(Department of Forensic Psychiatry)

The Department of Forensic Psychiatry is a core center of forensic psychiatry in Japan. We provide services to patients requiring psychiatric treatment for their social rehabilitation on both inpatient and outpatient basis under the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act (MTSA). Patients are mentally disordered offenders with court involuntary treatment order.
The facility consists of two Regional Secure Units with 33 beds respectively and one is the first Forensic Medical Psychiatry Unit in Japan, designated for managing medical and psychiatric comorbidity. A full range of psychiatric services is available through a multi-disciplinary team of medical, nursing and allied health professionals following guidelines by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Since 2011, started outpatient services covering the neighborhood of Higashimurayama City and Kodaira City as a designated medical bureau for the outpatients.


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