Department of Neurosurgery

In this department, our activities are devoted to Functional neurosurgery. Above all, surgical treatment of intractable epilepsy and movement disorders is our main clinical target.
Epilepsy surgery; Resection, disconnection and neuromodulation procedures are performed based on the state of the art neuroimaging technique and advanced neurophysiological analysis. Against the harmful effect of seizures on the developing brain, early surgery with special expertise in children including catastrophic epilepsy of infants is a unique characteristic in our department. Comprehensive management and care of patients and their caregivers can be available in our Epilepsy center.
Deep brain stimulation; Highly precise and accurate, minimum invasive implantation of stimulation electrodes in the deep brain structures is performed by image-guided stereotactic surgery and intraoperative neurophysiological exploration for movement disorders such as Parkinson' s disease, dystonia, essential tremor, and Tourette's syndrome. All operations are carried out comfortably with the painless manner by special anesthetic technique.


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