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  The National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry is a unique clinical and research institute that has not only a special hospital for integrative medical treatment of psychiatric, neurological, developmental, and muscular disorders but also two research institutes for neurology and psychiatry. Before and after the new hospital construction in September on 2010, the latest medical equipment for advanced neuroimaging and noninvasive measurement of brain function was introduced to contribute to promote integrative clinical study without a fence separating psychiatric and neurological disorders. Integrative Brain Imaging Center (IBIC) was founded in April on 2011 to achieve this mission. IBIC promotes integrative neuroimaging studies by organically combining advanced imaging modalities with various characteristics such as MRI, PET, and MEG, leading to development of a new diagnostic method of brain function to evaluate new treatments in the neuropsychiatric disease field. To make the most effective use of the latest medical equipment, the IBIC research promotion committee for heavy neuroimaging devices has been established to organize an investigative commission and a safety training program. IBIC strives to be able to send outstanding integrative neuroimaging studies.
  Furthermore IBIC organizes a system for playing the core role in performing a multi-center study in Japan and constructs a medical on-line network. IBIC would like to build and manage the brain image database from accumulated data, and to contribute also to the development and education of further research by exhibiting this database. IBIC cooperates with medical doctors and researchers of each special field to promote clinical neuroimaging studies based on the findings from fundamental research with the integrative use of multiple neuroimaging devices.

Director General; Hiroshi Matsuda M.D., Ph.D.
Vice Director Genral; Manabu Honda M.D., Ph.D.