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Organic Radiochemistry Section

 The research and development of a new PET tracer begin from the design of a target molecule, radiolabeling synthesis of compounds, experiments using animal models, and finally clinical application to man. In the molecular design of a target molecule, a lead compound must be set up by taking the labeling reaction of introducing radioisotopes into consideration. Labeling reaction is concerned also with the labeling synthesis after a molecular design.


 Our laboratory is developing the synthetic research of a new PET tracer based on "organic radiochemistry" as a starting point. The aim is expanding markedly the range of radiolabeled tracers by increasing the number of labeling key reactions that makes a flexible molecular design possible. This research may lead to development of a variegated probe with an unprecedented chemical structure, and development of the whole molecular imaging research.


 Moreover, our laboratory is also supporting synthesis of the PET tracers used in NCNP hospital.


Section Chief; Koichi Kato Ph.D.