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Clinical Optic Imaging Section

 Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) was recognized by advanced medicine in April, 2009 in Japan, and it is carried out in over 20 institutions. NIRS is expected as a tool for compensating the poverty of the validity of diagnosis which has so far been dependent only on clinical symptoms. However, longitudinal process (clinical history) is important for diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder. Then, a multi-center study titled "research on the usefulness of the NIRS in the differential diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder and prediction of outcome" is carried out by support from government fund. Our laboratory is examining usefulness of NIRS in adjunct of differential diagnosis, prediction of medical treatment outcome, condition-of-disease evaluation, and drug selection by observing longitudinal process that is much more important than cross-sectional observation.


Section Chief; Takamasa Noda M.D.