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The mission of our division is to promote clinical investigation of trauma and stress related mental conditions, clarifying their pathogenesis, risk factors, pathways for recovery and effective treatments, as well as establishing national and community networks for treatments. The scope of our activity varies widely, starting from molecular and biomarkers research, efficacy studies of cognitive behavioral therapy and pharmacological treatments, and psychological countermeasures for disasters and criminality. The target disorders are PTSD, eating disorders and irritable bowel syndrome.

As for the PTSD treatment,we contributed to the realization that pharmacological treatments using paroxetine and sertraline and prolonged exposure therapy have become covered by the National Health Insurance System in Japan, based upon our research data. We also work for the promotion of specific treatments for complex PTSD, complicated grief, and childhood PTSD. Funded by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we annually hold clinical workshops for the assessment and treatment of trauma related disorders.

As for eating disorders, we operate Center for Eating Disorder Research and Information(CEDRI)funded by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We provide annual workshops for medical personnel. We also conduct clinical research for cognitive behavioral therapy for eating disorders, and its biomarkers.

We also contribute to the development of effective psychosocial countermeasures for disaster and criminality,publishing National Guideline for Disaster Community Mental Health and other guidelines and manuals. We also provided on-site advice for psychological support in a number of disasters and incidents.

We will make every possible effort to find better solutions to promote well-being of the victims affected by trauma and severe distress through scientific investigation with our competent staffs of diverse backgrounds of medicine, psychology and sociology as well as with our distinguished colleagues within Japan and abroad. We sincerely wish to have your any support and advices as well as joining force with us to realize our mission.

Director, Department of Behavioral Medicine
Yoshiharu Kim

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