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Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

 The Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health is concerned with a range of emotional and/or behavioral problems that arise during childhood. Our ultimate goal of research is two-folded; to establish effective treatments and to improve long-term social adaptation for the individuals concerned.
 In particular, we focus on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). They can be observed at an early developmental stage and can give a deep impact on mental development throughout life. In fact, it is not known how ASD is caused or formed during development, and therefore, its early diagnosis has not yet been established.
 We aim to clarify risk and protective factors related to various symptoms of ASD, and to propose effective prevention and treatments. In order to achieve this, we intend to apply trans-disciplinary approaches with longitudinal and cross-sectional methods to delineate the developmental trajectories of ASD.
 The current research project includes:
 (1) Research on diagnosis and treatment of ASD from infancy to adulthood: Developing useful tools for early detection and intervention including support for parents, cognitive rehabilitation programs for the youth, and diagnostic tool for adults who have never been diagnosed with ASD.
 (2) Research on social development: Conducting longitudinal and cross-sectional research on developments of behavior, cognition, and brain of those individuals with ASD as well as those with non-problematic development, and on gene-environmental interaction. (Japan science and Technology [JST], Brain Science and Education Type II
 (3) Research on diagnosis, treatment and support for children/adolescents with conduct disorder.
 (4) Research on assessment of obsessive-compulsive disorder in children/adolescents.
 (5) Research on dimensional assessment tools for social communication skills/abilities.

Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health
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Position Name
Director Yoko KAMIO
Section Chief Hidetoshi TAKAHASHI


Department of Child and Adolescent Mental Health,
National Institute of Mental Health,
National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry.

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