(Augst 5, 2011-)

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the department of mental disorder research. Our mission is to advance the understanding of the etiology and pathophysiology of common and complex psychotic disorders, schizophrenia and mood disorders, founding development of diagnosis/treatment. Clinical studies that provide information on pathophysiological mechanisms are supported by patients and volunteers who agreed to cooperate in our research. The results obtained from the clinical studies are taken to molecular-level researches using animal and cellular models. Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder. Existing medications help reduce the specific symptoms such as hallucination and delusions, but basic treatment of the disease is yet to be elucidated. Major depression has become one of the serious social problems in our country, causing patients to suffer from social disabilities. Although treatment strategies have been progressing rapidly, existence of so many disabled people and suicide victims with the disorder indicate the needs for further advancement of treatment.

This website will introduce you to different approaches of our research. Our wish is to share the hopes with you and together work for the advancements of research.

Hiroshi Kunugi
Director, Department of Mental Disorder Research