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Molecular basis for the mind: nurturing the brain
Our research “from genes to mind” has progressed with various research tools such as mice lacking each of some neuropeptide receptors and PEPA, a specific new ligand of AMPA-type glutamate receptors. We have employed a wide range of research approaches including molecular biology, protein chemistry, electrophysiology and behavioral study. To achieve our goal, we also investigate learning and memory, neuron-glia interaction, synaptic transmission, etc.

Previously, we generated bombesin receptor knockout mice as well as neurotensin receptor knockout mice. We have shown that these mice are useful for understanding the molecular basis for behavior including social behavior, maternal behavior and stress responses.

PEPA is a unique ligand for AMPA receptors. We have characterized pharmacological properties of the ligand using electrophysiology including patch clamp recordings. More recently, a collaborative team with our lab and UCSF group has successfully identified new aspect of AMPA receptors.

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