We are studying  the neural mechanism of sensorimotor control in primate including human being. Based on the neurophysiological approach to cortico-spinal systems and earlier somatosensory systems in macaque monkey and common marmoset, we are expanding our interest to the elucidation of detailed neural circuit by using optogenetics and virus-vector technology, and the mechanism underlying neural plasticity induced by motor learning and alternation of muscloskeletal system. We also applying these result to understand the disease like Stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.
Our lab members are highly divergent in terms of their nationality, stage in their life, and so on. (ex) lab member came from different county including korea, china, colombia, USA, France, UK, and Germany, and kids are heroes in our lab party. Divergency in terms of subject and people is a key factor to enjoy our science and find a influential and robust finding.


November 13th 2015

Department of Neurophysiology Director

Kazuhiko SEKI