Section Chief: Tomomichi Oya

Tomomichi Oya

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  • Oya T, Cresswell AG. :Evidence for reduced efficacy of the Ia-pathway during shortening plantar flexions with increasing effort. Exp Brain Res 185: 699-707, 2008.
  • Oya T, Hoffman BW, Cresswell AG. :Corticospinal-evoked responses in lower limb muscles during voluntary contractions at varying strengths. J Appl Physiol 105:1527-1532, 2008.
  • Hoffman BW, Oya T, Carroll TJ, and Cresswell AG. :Increases in corticospinal responsiveness during a sustained submaximal plantar flexion. J Appl Physiol 107:112-120.
  • Oya T, Riek S, Cresswell AG. :Recruitment and rate coding organisation for soleus motor units across entire range of voluntary isometric plantar flexions. J Physiol 589:4737-4748.

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