NCNP Biobank

NCNP Biobank

Bioresources for developing the next generation diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric and muscular diseases

Features of NCNP Biobank

  • Collection of high quality samples using standardized methods
  • Accumulation of detailed and accurate clinical information in database
  • Both academic and industry researchers can access the samples
  • Fair and appropriate use of resources

Introduction of NCNP

Located in the west metropolitan area of Tokyo. One hospital and two research institutes are working together to investigate the cause of neuropsychiatric diseases yet to be elucidated, to establish the treatment method, and to develop a model medical care.

National Center Biobank Project

Six national centers in Japan collaborate to form the National Center Biobank Network, where we are standardizing collection methods and data format, and establishing a large database which researchers can access.

Sample and data collection flow

For the patients, joining to the biobank would enrich the information that can contribute the clinical practice

Available Samples

The left table indicate the number of participants joined and donated their samples (plasma and DNA) in the standardized methods according to the National Center Biobank Project. We also have 14000 muscular tissues, 1000 CSFs and 250 brain samples collected by ordinary method.

Participants (2014/8/21)
diagnosis No. Drug-free
Schizophrenia 167 24
Depression Disorder 84 17
Bipolar Disorder 95 9
Control 77  
Dementia 76  
Other 301 8
Total 748 58

Access and use

A research plan submitted to Biobank secretariat will reviewed by both utilization committee and joint-research committee.
※For academic use (Contact us directly in the case of industrial use)


We developed an database (DB) system for the sample and information management. Our DB has reciprocal data flow with hospital information system and can export the data to research datawarehouse and central DB of 6NCBB.

Approved research

User Sample Analyses
A: National research center Plasma Metabolome
B: National University Plasma Metabolome
C: Research Institute Plasma Amino acid
D: University DNA Sequencing
E: University Plasma ELISA
F: University DNA Methylation


NCNP Biobank secretariat