Staff Researcher Shuji Wakatsuki, Ph.D


Publication list before 2008

  • Wakatsuki, S., Ho, S. C., Arioka, M., Yamasaki, M., Kitamoto, K.
    Isolation and characterization of a 230 kDa protein (p230) specifically expressed in fetal brains: its involvement in neurite outgrowth from rat cerebral cortex neurons grown on monolayer of astrocytes.?
    J. Biochem. (Tokyo) (1997)122,1146-1452.

  • Ho, S. C., Wakatsuki, S., Arioka, M., Yamasaki, M., Kitamoto, K.
    Identification and characterization of porcine NP-190, a novel protein that is specifically expressed in the axonal membrane during the embryonic period. J. Biochem. (Tokyo) (1998) 123, 332-338.

  • Wakatsuki, S., Arioka, M., Dohmae, N., Takio, K., Yamasaki, M., Kitamoto, K.
    Characterization of a novel fungal protein, p15, which induces neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells. J. Biochem. (Tokyo) (1999) 126, 1151-1160.
  • Wakatsuki, S., Yokoyama, T., Nakashima, S., Nishimura, A., Arioka, M., Kitamoto, K.
    Molecular cloning, functional expression and characterization of p15, a novel fungal protein with potent neurite-inducing activity in PC12 cells. Biochim Biophys Acta (2001) 1522, 74-81.
  • Shirakabe, K., Wakatsuki, S., Kurisaki, T., Fujisawa-Sehara, A.
    Roles of Meltrin beta /ADAM19 in the processing of neuregulin. J. Biol. Chem. (2001) 276, 9352-9328.
  • Aizawa, H., Wakatsuki, S., Ishii, A., Moriyama, K., Sasaki, Y., Ohashi, K., Sekine-Aizawa, Y., Sehara-Fujisawa, A., Mizuno, K., Goshima, Y., Yahara, I.
    Phosphorylation of cofilin by LIM-kinase is necessary for semaphorin 3A-induced growth cone collapse. Nat. Neurosci. (2001) 4, 367-373.
  • Kurisaki, T.*, Wakatsuki, S.*, Sehara-Fujisawa, A.
    Meltrin beta mini, a new ADAM19 isoform lacking metalloprotease and disintegrin domains, induces morphological changes in neuronal cells. FEBS Lett. (2002) 532, 419-422. * co-first auther
  • Nakashima, S., Wakatsuki, S., Yokoyama, T., Arioka, M., Kitamoto, K.
    Identification and characterization of Scp15, a protein from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) inducing neurites in PC12 cells. Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. (2003) 67, 77-82.
  • Wakatsuki, S. Kurisaki, T., Sehara-Fujisawa, A.
    Lipid Raft Microdomains Identified as Locations of Ectodomain Shedding Mediated by Meltrin beta/ADAM19. J. Neurochem. (2004) 89, 119-123
  • Yumoto, N., Wakatsuki, S. and Sehara-Fujisawa, A.
    The acetylcholine receptor gamma-to-epsilon switch occurs in individual endplates. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Com. (2005) 331, 1522-1527.
  • Komatsu, K., Wakatsuki, S., Yamada, S., Yamamura, K., Miyazaki, J., Sehara-Fujisawa, A.
    Meltrin beta expressed in cardiac neural crest cells is required for ventricular septum formation of the heart. Dev. Biol. (2007) 303, 82-92.
  • Yokozeki, T., Wakatsuki, S., Hatsuzawa, K., Black, R.A., Wada, I., and Sehara-Fujisawa, A.
    Meltrin beta (ADAM19) mediates ectodomain shedding of Neuregulin beta1 in the Golgi apparatus: fluorescence correlation spectroscopic observation of the dynamics of ectodomain shedding in living cells. Genes Cells. (2007) 12, 329-43.
  • Yumoto, N., Wakatsuki, S., Kurisaki, T., Hara, Y., Osumi, N., Fris?n, J., and Sehara-Fujisawa, A. Meltrin beta/ADAM19 interacting with EphA4 in developing neural cells participates in formation of the neuromuscular junction. PLoS ONE. (2008) 3, e3322.