National Center Hospital: An overview

National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Japan is one of the six National Medical Research Centers. Our hospital provides the latest frontiers in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric, neurological, muscular and developmental diseases. We are also actively involved in many research projects on these diseases. The mission of our hospital is “to provide the patients with highly qualified medical services and cares while respecting their human rights.” In addition, we work closely with the patients' families to help the patients understand all the implications of the disease and deal with the associated disabilities so that they can enjoy a fruitful and high-quality life. Our hospital always accepts the patients and their families sincerely.

The hospital consists of four buildings: the 3-story building with outpatient clinics, clinical trial center, laboratory, and rehabilitation and radiology departments; the 5-story building with 400 beds for patients with psychiatric, neurological, pediatric neurological, and neurosurgical diseases, and for patients with general internal medicine and general surgery problems, and orthopedic disorders; the building for patients with the severe physical disabilities; and the building for forensic psychiatry.

Advanced medical devices for diagnosis, treatments, and clinical research are equipped with.


Specialized Disease Centers