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Research Activities

    A major concern of psychiatric medicine is moving from tertial prevention to secondary, and even primary prevention. Treatment of most of the psychiatric illnesses in their overt stage shows only a limited effect. On the other hand, intervertion into the diseases, at an earlier stage is expected to produce a larger benefit, which is accmpanied with a greater cost-effectiveness. Efforts to prevent the onset of psychiatric disorders are expected to greatly promote the mental health for Japanese citizens. Accordingly, it is important to take measures to seamlessly cover psychiatric disorders occurring in child, adolescent, and adult periods. To pursue this mission, the Department of Preventive Intervention for Psychiatric Disorders has been established in the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) affiliated with National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry. It consists of two sections; Section of Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Section of Early Intervention for Psychiatric Disorders. They deal with "Elucidation of etiology, mechanisms, and treatment of psychiatric conditions common in childhood and adolescence" and "Research into early detection and intervention on psychiatric disorders and the development of preventive therapeutics", respectively.


last update 2018.6.28