There are daily Photos of our Laboratory.               

Online year-end party 2020

  We had an online year-end party wishing everyone the best for the next year !  

2019 year-end party !!

  We enjoyed talkng as well as eating lab members' local food !! 

System neuroscience seminar and Year-end party

  An invited lecture by Dr.Mitsuo Kawato,director, ATR Brain Information communication Research Laboratory Group, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International was held at NCNP in Dec 2019.

10th year anniversary party

 We had a party celebrating 10th year anniversary of Dept. of Neurophysiology headed by Dr.Seki in Sep 2019.

Tokyo Hand Meeting 2019

 Prior to the 29th NCM Annual Meeting, we organized Tokyo Hand Meeting on 21 April.

SfN Neuroscience 2018

 Neuroscience 2018 was held in Sandiego, USA and Kubota-san presented research results.

Year-end party 2017

Best wishes to Saga-san and Tamura-san(^o^) We welcome you,Kojima-san !!

Seminar of Dr. Shubo Chakrabarti.

  A research group has made a stimulating discussion about sensory gating in rodent and primate with Dr. Shubo Chakrabarti.

Seminar of Dr. Edward Wild (UCL)

  Dr.Edward Wild gave a speech at NCNP.


The 37th Human Science Basic Research Symposium

  Director Seki gave a talk at the symposium.


Lab camp in West Izu 2017

Lab members enjoyed camping in West Izu.

Congratulations to Takei-san

Cheers to Takei-san publishing his scientific paper!

The 5th Embodied-brain systems science meeting

The 5th Embodied-brain systems science meeting was held at NCNP on 20 June 2017.

A press conference

A press conference was held at Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

System Neuroscience Seminar

Dr.Masato Taira gave a lecture at the 28th system neuroscience seminar. This is a picture taken after the seminar (year-end party).

Neuroscience 2016

Neuroscience 2016 was held in San Diego on 12-16 Nov. Lab members did poster presentation.

A happy moment

  Happy birthday to Nogami-san and congratulations to Kubota-san!

Progress reports

  Each lab member reported on their research progress.

A welcome party for Kubota-san

  We had a welcome party for Kubota-san on 16th September.

The 39th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society

  Neuroscience2016 was held on 20th-22nd July.

One day in March we carried out an experiment

  We measured brain waves and electromyographic signals.