There are daily Photos of our Laboratory.               The photos before 2015

SfN Neuroscience 2018

 Neuroscience 2018 was held in Sandiego, USA and Kubota-san presented research results.

Year-end party 2017

Best wishes to Saga-san and Tamura-san(^o^) We welcome you,Kojima-san !!

Seminar of Dr. Shubo Chakrabarti.

  A research group has made a stimulating discussion about sensory gating in rodent and primate with Dr. Shubo Chakrabarti.

Seminar of Dr. Edward Wild (UCL)

  Dr.Edward Wild gave a speech at NCNP.


The 37th Human Science Basic Research Symposium

  Director Seki gave a talk at the symposium.


Lab camp in West Izu 2017

Lab members enjoyed camping in West Izu.

Congratulations to Takei-san

Cheers to Takei-san publishing his scientific paper!

The 5th Embodied-brain systems science meeting

The 5th Embodied-brain systems science meeting was held at NCNP on 20 June 2017.

A press conference

A press conference was held at Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

System Neuroscience Seminar

Dr.Masato Taira gave a lecture at the 28th system neuroscience seminar. This is a picture taken after the seminar (year-end party).

Neuroscience 2016

Neuroscience 2016 was held in San Diego on 12-16 Nov. Lab members did poster presentation.

A happy moment

  Happy birthday to Nogami-san and congratulations to Kubota-san!

Progress reports

  Each lab member reported on their research progress.

A welcome party for Kubota-san

  We had a welcome party for Kubota-san on 16th September.

The 39th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society

  Neuroscience2016 was held on 20th-22nd July.

One day in March we carried out an experiment

  We measured brain waves and electromyographic signals.