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About the National Institute of Neuroscience


The National Institute of Neuroscience (NIN) was originally founded as a research unit of the National Musashi Hospital by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1978. This research institute is devoted to elucidate the pathogenesis and onset mechanisms of various diseases in the fields of neurology and biological psychiatry, and to establish effective treatments and prevention strategies for these medical conditions. In 1986, NIN became one of the research units of the National Center of Neurology and psychiatry (NCNP). In 2010, NCNP was reorganized as an independent administrative agency and in 2015 became a National Research and Development Agency. Now, NIN consists of 14 research and 3 administrative departments. The activity of the research departments mainly concerns muscular dystrophies, inherited metabolic diseases, degenerative neurological diseases, mental and cortical function disorders and developmental disorders. The administrative departments assist the proper utilization of radioisotopes, rodents and primates for research purposes.



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