Greetings from the President

Overcoming Mental and Neurological Diseases

The National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry (NCNP) are composed of the National Institute of Neuroscience, the Institute of Mental Health and the Hospital which are located closely in the same campus and functioning in one body. Thus NCNP would be very unique in the world because it is solely devoted to Neurological and Psychiatric disorders. The mission of NCNP is to overcome mental and neurological diseases, muscle disorders and developmental disorders.

In addition to research institutes and hospital, there are 4 organized structures which pursuit and support clinical researches and advanced medical services; the Translational Medical Center (TMC), the Medical Genome Center (MGC), the Integrated Brain Imaging Center (IBIC) and the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Center. MGC also serves as a center of bio-resources including a world-top class muscle bank and the office for the Japan Brain Bank Network.

We have also opened 7 specialized disease centers of which each center is composed of both physicians, researchers and other healthcare professionals. They include Muscular Disease Center, Multiple Sclerosis Center, Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center, Epilepsy Center, Sleep Disorders Center, Early Detection and Intervention Center for Schizophrenia (EDICS) and Community Psychiatric Practice Center.

For the mission, we have 5 aims: to maximize the research and development, to develop highly advanced medicine, to promote its nation-wide standardization, to nurture neurologists, psychiatrists and medical staff of top-qualities, to develop and cooperate with national policies. In 2010, we changed from a national institute to an independent administrative agency in order to effectively pursuit the mission. After 5 years vigorous efforts and achievements which were highly evaluated, in 2015 we became a national research and development corporation which is further expected to maximize research and development.

We proudly serve in the world’s unique neurology and psychiatry center where we will spare no effort to quickly and effectively deliver advanced medical services and overcome diseases afflicting our patients. We deeply appreciate public and private support and cooperation for us.

President Hidehiro Mizusawa

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